Office 365 Video roadmap

Office 365 Video roadmap

Exciting times are coming for Office 365 Video! After it's launch in November 2014 we've seen a lot of improvements: faster channel creation, embedding videos, more responsiveness, a mobile iOS app, and there's a lot more coming!

Microsoft shared an overview & roadmap on yesterday. If we take a closer look on the roadmap there are a lot small fixes and improvements coming. These are the most important ones to me:

  • Analytics (basic analytics coming Sept – Dec 2015 / deeper analytics coming Jan – Mar 2016) - This is really a big thing: I wish I could have it now!


  • External Sharing to Individual Users (coming Sept – Dec 2015) - It's a corporate channel, but people still like to share videos with selected partners
  • Meta-data – Owner & People in Video (coming Sept – Dec 2015) - A lot of users are complaining about this, they don't know who posted the video
  • Expose Channel Recycle Bin (coming Sept – Dec 2015) - Delete a video now and you loose it immediately
  • Video playlists (coming after March 2016)
  • Related documents (coming after March 2016)

For the complete roadmap, take a look at the following image:

Office 365 Video Roadmap