SharePoint Saturday Munich

SharePoint Saturday Munich

Last weekend there was a great event: SharePoint Saturday in Munich!

This was already my fourth SharePoint Saturday of this year. Earlier this year I went to:

And last weekend it was time for SPS Munich – Organized by Matthias Einig & Monika Baur.

First things first: the event was flawlessly organized. The location was impeccable. The line-up was amazing and the vibe was great. My day consisted of the following sessions:

Keynote by Jeremy Thake (Link to presentation)

During the keynote Jeremy shared some great insights about the developer story. The Office dev team is doing some amazing work. For instance: they are adding add-in support for more and more devices. Take a look at the following table for the roadmap. (Link to blog)

Office 365 NextGen Portals: Driving your business to the top by Jasper Oosterveld (Link to presentation)

Jasper talked about Office 365 video, Infopedia and other NextGen portals. For me it was fun to see a business-session, because I normally don't attend these. Jasper's way of presenting is always very entertaining. If you haven't seen a session of him yet, make sure to go there when you have the chance. (Link to blog)

Stop your SharePoint CSS becoming a di-SASS-ter today by Stefan Bauer (Link to presentation)

This session by CSS wizard Stefan Bauer was a very interesting one. Stefan shared a lot of great tips and trick on how to work with SASS & Yeoman in combination with SharePoint. If you don't know Stefan, make sure to check his blog.

Getting started with the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices Provisioning Engine by Erwin van Hunen

Erwin is – amongst others like Paolo Pialorsi – responsible for (part of) the PnP Core and the Provisioning Engine. That's why I really wanted to go to this session. Erwin is one of the most open community members I have experienced. There wasn't much new for me in this session, but it's always great to hear Erwin talk about the choices made for this solution. (Link to blog)

Building contextual experiences with the Office Graph by Waldek Mastykarz

This was the craziest session of the day: Waldek was really on fire, working on an Yo Office(!) app with Angular. Props for Waldek because he did a lot in just fifty minutes. (Link to blog)

Search queries explained by Mikael Svenson (Link to presentation)

Mikael Svenson presented a great overview of what's available in search. He covered a lot – so a lot of people were a bit flabbergasted. Together with Elio Struyf (the more visual stuff) I think Mikael could do a great session or workshop about what's possible with search. (Link to blog)

Introduction to Node.js for the SharePoint and Office 365 Developer by Andrew Connell

The last session of my day was by Andrew Connell. He showed a lot of stuff like setting up Node.js, some great tooling options and why Node.js is a great choice. It was a rollercoaster ride though Node.js but it was very informative. (Link to blog)

To sum it all up

It was a great event and I have enjoyed it a lot. The SharePint was great for meeting some speakers and other community-members. If it's happening next year: BE THERE!!