Gather feedback from a SharePoint List and add it as a Wunderlist task with Microsoft Flow

Gather feedback from a SharePoint List and add it as a Wunderlist task with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is an awesome tool to create simple workflows with great impact. In my last blog I showed how to create a holiday request by using Microsoft Flow and a SharePoint list, but now I used Microsoft Flow and Wunderlist to create a feedback gathering workflow.

First I created a content type and added it to a list in a SharePoint site collection. The content type has the following columns:

  • Short description (single line of text)
  • Feedback (multiple lines of text)

When this is all in place it's time to start building the flow!

The first step of the flow is making sure the flow starts running when a new item is created. To do this, let's add the following as a start action. (Let's just hope Jasper doesn't see how I spelled SharePoint... If so, sorry Jasper! ;-) )

Now we can add an action to make sure a new task will be added to the inbox of my Wunderlist account.

When I selected the 'Wunderlist - Create a task' action, the following box appeared.

Make sure to click the blue sign in button, login and grant permissions. Next the action has to be configured. The following settings should be added.

This will not end the flow, because I also want to add a comment to the task. This is not available in the 'Wunderlist - Create a task' action, so that's why I do it this way.

Before adding a comment to the task the task needs to get pulled from the list.

Add the correct list and leave the rest empty.

Now there should be a condition to make sure we're getting the right task. The following condition should be added:

When the condition above is correct I want the flow to add the comment to the task and delete the list item so everything get's cleaned up in a pretty way.

Now the flow is completed. Hopefully it will work:

  • Add a list item to the SharePoint list

When I look at my Wunderlist list I can see the task is added in the right list and it contains the right comment. Right on!

That was pretty easy... right?! I was really impressed with the speed, because within seconds the task was added, the comment was added and the list item was removed. Try it out yourself. If you need any help, let me know!