Managing your social media with Flow

I like to get started by wishing everyone a very happy new year! Let's hope 2017 will be a great year!

In the new year I would like to keep up to date with all new updates on my favorite blogs. Usually I follow lots of people on Twitter, but a lot of times I am just visiting blogs or trying to keep up with people posting about new stuff. Sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming. To make this more easy I would like to create a Flow with an approval step in it, to make sure I can review the updates before they get send out.

To make this happen I used the "Create from blank" option in Flow. To get all the new updates by my favorite blogs I have to select the "RSS - When a feed item is published" trigger. The only thing you have to add here is the RSS feed URL. In this example I use the RSS feed URL from the blog from Microsoft Flow.

If you added the right trigger, it will look something like this:

When a RSS item is published, I would like to get an approval e-mail to make sure nothing gets published without my approval. To do this I have to add an action called "Office 365 Outlook - Send approval email". You could also use for the personal service but I prefer to use this one.

Make sure to click "Show advanced options" if you want to customize the e-mail more, just like the following example:

I want to make sure only the approved items will get published on my social media profiles, so that is why it is a good idea to add a condition after the last action. In this condition you have to add the selected option from the approval action in the Object Name field and "Approve" to the value field.

When you are done with this step you can add one or more actions to the "If yes, do nothing" branch of the condition. This is what will happen if you approved the update. I chose to create a bitlink (with Bitly) and post in on my Twitter with Buffer.  

You could make this Flow a lot more complicated with for instance a manager approval for shared social media accounts, but I chose to make it very simple.

Happy sharing!