Recurrence in Flow

Recurrence in Flow

Recurrence is one of the most used start actions for a lot of workflows. That is why it is really cool that Microsoft Flow has a trigger for that.


It has a frequency setting. You can choose between day, minute, hour or second.


This is the amount of the frequency you have already set. So it could be 30 in the case of 30 minutes and 1 in the case of 1 day, etcetera.

Advanced options:
When you click the "Show advanced options" link on the bottom of the trigger, you will get a couple more options:

Time zone:

You can make sure to select your time zone here. This has to do with the start time. You do not want to run a Flow too early or too late, so this is a great addition.

Start time:

The start time is the start time of when your Flow will start the recurrence. If you want to start it from the 1st of january 2018, this is a great option. It's also a great option if you want to set a time, for instance if you want to start a script every day at midnight.

The problem

There is a problem though: the time zone option doesn't work right now. I have tried it and the workaround I have found is to always use the UTC time as a start time. Here, in the Netherlands, it's UTC+2. To make sure a recurrence happens at the right moment I leave the time zone option blank and I set the start time to the Dutch time zone minus 2 hours. That works like a charm.

When daylight saving time (DST) ends, I probably have to change the recurrence to the Dutch time zone minus 1 instead of minus 2, but I think the Flow Team will have solved the bug by then!