The Microsoft Flow management connector

The Microsoft Flow management connector

Today, I will post a short blog about the Flow Management connector. It has been a while since the Microsoft Flow team released the Flow Management connector, but it hasn't get the attention it deserves! It has 19 (!!) actions, like:

  • Creating Flows and Connections
  • Deleting Flows
  • Getting Flows and connectors
  • Listing connectors, Flow permissions (run-only, owners) and your connections, environments and Flows
  • Modifying Flow owners and run-only users
  • Starting, stopping and updating Flows

A lot of these actions give you the ability to create some excellent use cases. For instance, you could create a Flow to set up environments, connections and manage permissions.

There is already an excellent template available for this connector, so make sure to add it through this link. This template will list all new Microsoft Flow connector. So if you're like me and you want to know everything about new connectors: make sure to add this to your environment!

To see all documentation about this connector, visit this page.