How to keep up with Microsoft Flow?

When you are working with Microsoft Flow a lot, you probably want to know what's new on the platform from time to time. There are several ways to get the latest and greatest of Microsoft Flow. And - yes - there are even ways to get some insights into whats coming in the next couple of weeks.

Microsoft Flow Blog

The Microsoft Flow blog is the resource that has the most exciting posts about cool new features, and they have a great blog series called "Flow of the Week" which contains example flows. You can use this template to receive a notification when a new update hits the blog (thanks to Phil Worrell for the tip)!

Flow ideas forum

On the Microsoft Flow ideas forum, you can share your ideas. The Flow team keeps track of these ideas and adds statuses to them. This forum is a great place to vote for different ideas, share your ideas or track the status of ideas. In the image below, you can see that Stephen of the Flow team responded and he changed the status to completed to one of the most voted ideas in the forum.

Flow roadmap

The Flow team has a roadmap and every once in while they will post a blog post about their roadmap. An excellent example of this is the Microsoft Flow Spring 2018 Update blog post of last Wednesday.

Although this is of great help, I sometimes need a more frequent update of the roadmap. Luckily, the Microsoft Flow team members present at a lot of community and Microsoft events. They tend to update their roadmap slides a couple times a year. So make sure to take a look at their slides when they give session at different events. See the image below for the most recent roadmap.

Logic Apps roadmap

Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps share a lot of features, but Logic Apps gets most updates a bit quicker. Take a look at Serge Luca's blog post about the new Condition Builder for example. This feature will end up in Microsoft Flow, but it's not yet clear when. It's already available in Logic Apps, so this gives us a look at the new features before they are available in Microsoft Flow.

The Logic Apps team has a public roadmap available, so make sure to follow that (and maybe create a Flow that will send a notification to you when there's a new card) if you want to be up to date.

Use a Flow template to list new connectors

These are all great resources, but there's also a template available in Flow which will help you to keep up with new connectors in Microsoft Flow. Click the picture below to add it to your environment!

Other great resources