PowerApps quick tip: Bypass consent popups

When you're working a lot with PowerApps, you probably encountered consent popups. These popups show up when you have connected a data source to your PowerApp and open your app for the first time.


These consent popups show up for everyone that has access to the app. While this is an excellent way to make users aware that the app gets certain permissions, in some cases, you don't want this!

PowerApps PowerShell module

There is a simple solution for this. The PowerApps team released a PowerShell module a while back. Part of that module is the Set-AdminPowerAppApisToBypassConsent cmdlet.


You can easily get the App Id for the app and insert this as the PowerAppName for the cmdlet and run it. Make sure you are connected to the PowerApps environment first by running the Add-PowerAppsAccount cmdlet.

Set-AdminPowerAppApisToBypassConsent -AppName {APPID}


If you want to enable the consent popups again, you can run the Clear-AdminPowerAppApisToBypassConsent cmdlet.