Set default timezone for SharePoint sites in the new SharePoint Admin Center

For a while now, there is a team working on the new SharePoint Admin center. They are adding more and more features into the SharePoint Admin Center, like creating hub sites, assigning sites to hub sites, manage Office Group connected sites and a lot more.

One of the new improvements is setting a default timezone for SharePoint sites. This has been one of the most popular UserVoice items. The one and only Marc Anderson has posted this idea in December 2014!

But now, the SharePoint Admin Center team has enabled this feature. Where can you find this? On the homepage of the modern SharePoint Admin Center, go to Settings.

On the settings page, select the "Site Creation" button.

A sidebar will appear, where you can select the timezone, pick the managed path and manage if the users can create new sites or not.

This is just a short awareness post since a lot of people don't know about this, but I hope this will help people to go look at the modern SharePoint Admin Center for more of these new features!