Add a PowerApp as a Teams App to Microsoft Teams

Add a PowerApp as a Teams App to Microsoft Teams

I recently stumbled onto a pretty cool undocumented way to add a PowerApp as a Teams App to Microsoft Teams.

Imagine the left rail in your Teams app. Probably there's Activity, Chat, Teams, Calendar and maybe Calls... It's possible to add a Teams app that will give you the ability to interact with a PowerApp.

How to get a PowerApp in your Teams app?

It's fairly simple, so bear with me...

App Studio

First, you have to search for App Studio via the search bar at the top. Select App Studio. If you already have it installed, you can select "open", if not, select the "add" button.


In App Studio, make sure to select the Manifest Editor tab. In the Manifest Editor tab you can create a new app or import an existing app. For now, you can select the button to create a new app.

In the App Details, fill in all the required fields just like the hint text in the text boxes is showing. If you want to app a icon and colors, make sure to add that in the last part of the screen.



Select the Tabs menu item under "2. Capabilities" and select the "add" button under Add a personal tab.


Next, a dialog will appear, which will ask for the following fields:

  • Name: the name of the tab
  • Entity ID: which is the app ID of the PowerApps (can be found on the PowerApp details page)
  • Content URL: which is the web URL of the PowerApps (this can also be found on the PowerApp details page), but make sure to add &source=teamstab behind the URL


"Test and distribute" will be our next destination. In this part, you are able to download and save your app package.


Add your custom app

When you're done downloading, go to "Apps" at the bottom left. On the bottom of the menu you can select "Upload a custom app" and "Upload for me or my teams". In the following pop-up, select the file you just downloaded in the step before.

Next, a dialog will appear where you can add the app you just created with App Studio. Select the "add" button and the app will be added to your Teams client.


Now you are able to select the ... in the left rail and find your app.


And if you select your app, you will see your PowerApp in the Teams app.

Pro Tip

If you are an admin and you want to keep the app out of the ... menu, you are able to define a policy. Take a look at this link to know how to configure that.